Personal Loan without wasting time

FinanZero works with zero cost to the client, that is, there is no request for deposit or anticipation of amounts for the services performed. It is good to keep in mind that a site that requests early deposit to the service is not a reliable site, and is very likely to be coup.

FinanZero also warns at the time of filling out the form, that no deposit or payment is made before the requested money is taken into account.

Is FinanZero reliable and secure?

For any type of loan made through the internet or even in physical stores, it is very important to have all the information at hand, in addition to paying attention to the conditions offered.

One of the first signs that this is a coup is the request for advance payments, or even fees or deposits before the money borrowed is in the account. When you enter your details for the loan request on the FinanZero website, a message appears telling you not to make any deposit of amounts in advance.

FinanZero does not receive in advance for the service it provides, ie the service performed prior to the deposit of the amounts into account, are not charged. All mediation between client and financial or bank, is charged when the process has already been approved. The company also works with data encryption, and the customer’s personal information is secure.

How does the loan work in FinanZero?

To get a loan at FinanZero just fill out the forms available on the website. The form is composed of the name of the applicant, just as it is registered in the RG, the CPF, the date of birth, the marital status, the email, the cell phone, and the desired value

After completing the information, the form is sent for analysis and the banks and financial institutions that have the most points in common with the client’s profile are presented. The next step is to choose the most appropriate service for your profile, and start the process by verifying the information. Then just wait for the money to be deposited into your account.


The application of the loan occurs in a simple way, it is enough that the applicant is 18 years old complete and has the CPF number. By completing the request form, up to 10 different banks and financial proposals are sent out so that the client can choose the best option.

Once the choice has been made, the process is initiated and the client must send the original documents that prove the veracity of the data presented at the time of filling the form.

Necessary documents

The data is sent through the request form at the beginning of the process, so you will only need to send the original document receipts when your profile has been properly analyzed.

However, it is important not to leave for later, after all, there may be several incidents that can cause you to lose your registration. Have the following documents in hand:

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Birth or Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income or your own income tax return in case you work as a freelancer.

Borrowing Costs

You will only start paying the fees when the borrowed money comes into your account. It is a sign of fraud if the site requests an early deposit, or any payment before the start of the process. So be aware of this type of request. FinanZero works with the capture of values ​​only after the service duly contracted and the value is in the account of the client.

The total effective cost (CET) of 30.8% pa and a maximum of 621.35% pa, varying according to loan conditions. Example: Amount of credit: R $ 5,000.00. Term: 12 months. IOF value: R $ 125.40. Value Fee Registration: R $ 500.00. Interest Rate: 9.9% at CET: 12.47% at / 309.79% pa Plot: R $ 783.36.

Step by step to make personal loan

Before making the loan, gather information about the banks and financial options offered and calmly analyze which option is best for you. Keep in mind that a fixed amount will be added to your accounts and that you will need to pay every month on the right day so that the interest does not get too high.

After analyzing your options, go to the page of FinanZero and fill in the form, also putting the desired value. Remember that your original documents will be requested when hiring, so keep them within easy reach.

After completing the form, FinanZero will analyze your data and send you up to 10 options of locations where you can get the financing. You will choose and the procedure will start. Then just wait for the deposit into account.

Advantages of choosing FinanZero over competitors

This is an online service that you can request while being at the comfort of your home, meaning you will not spend the time or money to find what you need. In addition, FinanZero lets you have up to 10 options to choose from, so your chances of things happening more easily increase.

Customers with negative CPF also have a chance of getting the loan, and in general, in physical stores, the analysis criteria are much more severe and bureaucratic. Another important point is also to focus on the credibility that the company has in the market.

Finance Analysis on Claim here

On the site Reclame Here, FinanZero does not yet have a reputation rating, after all, it has less than 10 complaints. However, of the 26 people who came in contact requesting some information, all were duly attended in a period of up to two days.

Requirements for the loan

Requirements for the loan

It is very simple to get a loan with FinanZero. No bureaucracy and waste of time, you can request through the site, identifying with your CPF, and hoping that the best options are sent in your email.

To get a loan, it is enough that you have a CPF and that is over 18 years, and have all the documents available for the moment of proof. When you leave a data missing, you compromise the process and may find it difficult to access the desired value.

Information on interest rate and extra costs

The amounts charged by FinanZero to develop the loan application are charged only after the service performed. Do not speak payments of any kind before the loan money is in your account. All fees and amounts of the process will be broken down into the parcels.

The total effective cost (CET) of 30.8% pa and a maximum of 621.35% pa, varying according to loan conditions. Example: Amount of credit: R $ 5,000.00. Term: 12 months. IOF value: R $ 125.40. Value Fee Registration: R $ 500.00. Interest Rate: 9.9% at CET: 12.47% at / 309.79% pa Plot: R $ 783.36.