Loans for companies with funds – what is worth knowing about them?

After the loan for the company, we can go not only to the bank. An alternative solution is to use funds. What is worth knowing about this form of financing your business? How much can we borrow? Who can use them?

Every company needs appropriate resources in the course of its operation. You can get them in different ways. The most popular one is a loan that we can get from a bank or loan company, but we also have offers that are referred to as loans for companies with funds . Under this term, there are loan funds, but also European Funds, which also serve as support for Polish entrepreneurs.

Loan funds for companies

Loan funds for companies

Let’s start with loan funds. These are institutions that are not banks that focus on offering external financing through lending. On the basis of an agreement concluded with a borrower, for example an entrepreneur, the fund undertakes to transfer a certain amount to it. The borrower in turn undertakes to give the indicated amount of money. In return for the loan, the fund receives interest.

Currently, loan funds are one of the important elements of support for micro, small and medium enterprises. This applies in particular to those companies that have problems obtaining a loan in other ways, for example through a bank loan. The funds offer both loans for smaller amounts without collateral, income statements, and also may require adequate collateral, mainly at higher amounts. We can borrow money most often for up to 5 years.

European Funds for companies


Most often European funds are associated with subsidies, but with their use we can also receive low-interest loans. They are offered in cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and are addressed mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Poland. Thanks to special guarantors, the companies do not have to provide security, which is a great convenience for new entrepreneurs.

To make use of loans from European Funds, it is necessary to meet the relevant requirements. Innovative companies have the best chance of participating in the programs, but this does not mean that a simple one-man activity will not be able to benefit from financial assistance. We can find detailed information in the offices dealing with consultancy regarding European Funds.

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