Bank Business Loan Application

Entrepreneurs have been able to do quite well in our country in recent years, while we can see that some banks can really support young entrepreneurs. Great Finance Bank is able to provide support to many people who want to open a business with a loan .

Many people who do not have a project suitable for Gbank can also obtain a business loan from Great Finance Bank with favorable interest rates and high maturity options in order to open an ordinary workplace. Nowadays, paying monthly rent to open a business is not an attractive situation when Great Finance Bank has a business loan.

In today’s article, Great Finance Bank will give you information about the workplace loan , as well as how you can apply for a workplace loan.

Great Finance Bank Commercial Loan Features

Good Finance Bank Commercial Loan Features

Some of the features of the workplace loan offered by Great Finance Bank as an opportunity for non-business owners are as follows.

  • Credit is provided for individuals who want to open an investment or workplace, office, store and installment option is provided up to 120 months.
  • In order to receive the workplace loan, you can withdraw up to 75% of the value after the appraisal observation.
  • If you take a loan from Great Finance for the place where you want to take a business loan, the bank mortgages your business during the loan payment.
  • During the period you pay the workplace loan, compulsory earthquake insurance, workplace insurance and private life insurance are provided for your workplace.

Great Finance Bank Business Loan Interest Rates and Calculation

Good Finance Bank Business Loan Interest Rates and Calculation

Great Finance Bank has fixed a fixed interest rate of 1.17% for the business loan you have provided. While this ratio is quite successful when evaluated within the scope of 2017, it is worth noting that Great Finance Bank can change this ratio within its right. In addition, there are some additional fees that you have requested.

  • DASK : This insurance, also referred to as compulsory earthquake insurance, costs 47.13 TL.
  • Appraisal Fee : For the purpose of observation, the appraisal fee is 445 TL at minimum level and 1607 TL at maximum level.
  • Life Insurance : 108.19 TL with maximum / minimum change.
  • Mortgage Facility Fee : 118 TL with maximum / minimum change.
  • Workplace Insurance : Maximum / minimum does not change 180 TL.

Considering the above interest rate and pricing, the annual cost rate of the loan can be stated as 18.92%.

If you wish, you can calculate your credit by adding these values ​​yourself.

Documents and Conditions for Great Finance Bank Business Loan

Documents and Conditions for Good Finance Bank Business Loan

The documents generally requested by Great Finance Bank are as follows, but please note that the right of each branch to request special documents is reserved.

  • Identity card and photocopy.
  • If you have the income document or the deeds of the commodities you can show collateral.
  • Loan application form (available at the branch, can be filled out).

How to Apply for Great Finance Bank Business Loan?

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Business Loan?

Applications for workplace loans can only be made through the Great Finance Bank branch. There is no possibility to apply for a loan such as general purpose loan via internet or SMS as there are documents that are requested from you and must be given first hand.